About nearer was created by two of the founders of The Local Data Company which, with its legion of researchers daily visiting the UK high street, has become the de facto source of information on the United Kingdom retail landscape over the last 15 years. See here how they do it (and see here for their news on how the UK retail sector is faring post- Coronavirus).

Like you, we’ve tried using other local directories and, all too often, have felt there’s something missing and/or wrong.

Independent surveys show that the most popular local search sites are, on average, missing more than 40% of local businesses – and this is before testing whether the information they do provide is correct.

And then there’s the issue of general trustworthiness. We’ve all read about fake reviews and sites that coerce businesses into paying to make negative reviews disappear. No thanks!

Not to mention the fact that when you are looking for something on your phone, local search really means hyperlocal – what’s right where you are.

We thought about all of the things that we would want in our ideal local search site; and this is where we will create it: a fresh and efficient way for people to find street-fronted businesses and personally relevant promotions. All in one place.

Local search is going hyperlocal. This site as you see it now is just a start. Please enjoy it – and watch this space.

And let us know what you think here.