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    1. Rodizio Preto

      Rodizio Preto is a Brazilian all you can eat grill offering a wide range of different meats, skewers and sides.

    2. Grosvenor Golden Horseshoe Casino

      Grosvenor Casinos boast their own bar and restaurant area as well as gambling tables of black jack, poker and roulette. They also have slot machines.

    3. Tinseltown

      Tinseltown is an American style diner & milkshake bar. Clients will always get great tasting food with typical American portions.

    4. Hereford Road

      Hereford Road is a neighbourhood restaurant serving British cuisine in a relaxed environment.

    5. Kam Tong

      Kam Tong is an Oriental restaurant specialising in Chinese cuisine. They can cater for private parties of up to 100 guests upon request. A takeaway service is also available.

    6. Santorini Restaurant

      Santorini Taverna is a traditional Greek restaurant serving a variety of Greek meals such as lamb, pork, chicken, fish, potato salads, olives, vegetarian dishes and pitta bread. They cater for private parties of up to 100 guests upon request.

    7. Pizza Hut

      Pizza Hut is a large chain with restaurants nationwide offering convenience pizzas, pasta and salads to eat in or take away.

    8. New Fortune Cookie Seafood Restaurant

      New Fortune Cookie Seafood Restaurant serve a variety of Chinese and seafood dishes at their restaurant. Catering for private parties of up to 75 guests is available upon request and a takeaway menu is also provided.

    9. Khan’s

      Khan’s is an inexpensive, Indian restaurant serving good staple Indian curry dishes in a lively atmosphere. They are not licensed to sell alcohol. Catering for private parties is available upon request. It is a very popular eatery, and free parking is available.

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