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Mobile Top-Up Cards near Paddington
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    1. Tesco Metro

      Tesco Metro offer a smaller, convenience store version of Tesco supermarkets, stocking fresh produce, groceries, baked bread and alcohol, as well as household products and toiletries.

    2. Waitrose & Partners

      Waitrose are a supermarket chain offering all types of groceries including frozen, fresh, bakery, fruit/veg, organic, drinks, household and toiletries.

    3. Crispins

      Crispins is a chain of convenience stores that sell a wide range of goods including fresh and frozen foods, snacks, drinks and tobacco products as well as newspapers, magazines and mobile top up cards. A delivery service is provided.

    4. Welcome News

      Welcome News is a newsagent selling a wide selection of newspapers and magazines, as well as offering phonecards and mobile phone vouchers. They also have a pay point for paying bills or crediting gas/electricity charge keys.

    5. Desai News

      Desai Newsagents sell newspapers, magazines, stamps and phonecards as well as a selection of confectionery, snacks and tobacco products.

    6. Porchester News

      The Porchester News stock international newspapers, specifically American. They also sell National Lottery tickets, scratch cards, greeting cards and phone cards in addition to a range of groceries. A photocopying service is also available.

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