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    1. Fashion & Textile Museum

      The Fashion & Textile Museum was founded by British designer Zandra Rhodes and hosts exhibitions relating to the worlds of fashion, textiles and jewellery. There are also design classes available throughout the year, from student to professional training and apprenticeships.

    2. Tate Modern Shop

      The Tate Modern Shop has over 10,000 titles focussed on art and and the history of art. There is also a range of postcards, posters, prints and stationery products.

    3. Tate Modern

      The Tate Modern displays international modern art from 1900 to the present day as well as contemporary works by Surrealists and Dadaists. Furthermore the new gallery has an auditorium and a cafe offering outstanding views across London. Admission is free.

    4. The Old Operating Theatre Museum

      The Old Operating Theatre Museum is set at the top of a church tower which was built in 1821. Despite it being ‘gore-free’, the Theatre Museum is just as stomach churning as the London Dungeon as this theatre dates back to the pre-anaesthetic era. Florence Nightingale commenced her nursing training here.

    5. Jerwood Space

      Focusing on the work of young artists, the Jerwood Gallery has established itself as one of London’s significant exhibition spaces for contemporary art. The year-round programme of one-person and thematic group exhibitions also includes the prestigious Jerwood Painting Prize. The 2,600 sq ft Jerwood Gallery comprises three interconnected spaces and an adjacent sculpture gallery. Admission to the gallery is free and the cafe is open daily.

    6. Imperial War Museum

      The Imperial War Museum was an old lunatic asylum once housing Charlie Chaplins mother, before the hospital itself moved to Beckenham in 1930. This superb building was turned into the Imperial War Museum. The museum now hosts many artefacts including an extensive array of guns, tanks and fighter planes from both the World Wars and also of the Gulf war. There is also a permanent Holocaust exhibition on display which chronicles the systematic attempt that was made to murder the Jews of Europe. Admission is free.

    7. Golden Hinde Sailing Ship

      The Golden Hinde – originally circumnavigated by Sir Francis Drake and meticulously reconstructed – is a real sailing galleon which has sailed over 140,000 miles. It is an educational museum which enables visitors to see what life was really like aboard an Elizabethan galleon. The ship is open to the public on certain days each week and is used extensively by schools. It is also available for private parties and functions including weddings and receptions.

    8. The Clink Prison Museum

      The Clink Prison Museum is built on the site of the first clink prison. The prison began as a dungeon for disobedient clerics under the Bishop of Winchester’s palace. The exhibition features a handful of prison life tableaux, and dwells on the torture and grim conditions within. Admission fees apply and concessions are also available.

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