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Balsall Heath

  1. Shake House

    17 Stoney Lane, Birmingham B12 8DL
  2. International Clothing & Appliances Store

    7-9 Stoney Lane, Birmingham B12 8DL
  3. Azad Supermarket

    154-158 Stoney Lane, Birmingham B12 8AJ
  4. Sure Health Ltd T/A Shire Pharmacy

    Numark Pharmacy is a dispensing chemist that also sells a range of toiletries and cosmetics as well as hair care products, walking sticks and baby care products. A film processing service is also available.

    214 Edward Road, Birmingham B12 9LY
  5. Jobcentre

    There are many Jobcentres which are located nationwide. Working within the Department of Education and Employment, they aim to provide a wide range of jobs for those who are actively seeking employment.

    Heynesfield House, 10 Stoney Lane, Birmingham B12 8AF
  6. Rehman Supermarket

    210-212 Edward Road, Birmingham B12 9LY
  7. Ricardo Wines

    290 Mary Street, Birmingham B12 9RJ