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    1. Aldi

      Aldi is a supermarket which sells a wide range of groceries, fresh fruit and vegetables, chilled and frozen foods, alcohol and household goods.

    2. Tesco Mobile

      The Tesco Phone Shop offer customers a wide variety of phones on the Tesco Mobile network, as well as advice for other networks.

    3. Miller Harris

      Miller Harris sell his & her fragrances as well as candles, bath & beauty products.

    4. Pausa Coffee Shop

      Pausa Coffee Shops are Dunelm’s own brand of Cafe that is found in their stores, serving both hot and cold drinks as well as light snacks.

    5. James Pringle Weavers

      James Pringle Weavers is part of The Edinburgh Woollen Mill. They stock brands such as Harris Tweed, James Pringle and P.G. Field.

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