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    1. Wren Kitchens

      Wren Kitchens have stores across the UK providing kitchen equipment, kitchen furniture and kitchen planning layout services.

    2. Gridserve

      Gridserve is a charging network across Britain, providing electricity pumps at motorway services and other locations.

    3. Yo! Sushi

      Yo! Sushi is a restaurant which sells fresh and authentic Japanese cuisine with a focus on sushi, prepared with all-natural ingredients. They serve food using sushi trains, as well as some stores offering takeaway and delivery.

    4. Collingwood Batchellor

      Collingwood Batchellor is a home furniture retailer offering bedroom, living, flooring and homeware furnishings.

    5. Slim Chickens

      Slim Chickens specialise in fried chicken that is served on its own or as part of sandwiches, salads and wraps.

    6. Suzuki Approved Motorcycles

      Suzuki Approved Motorcycles sell a wide range of and motorcycles and scooters.

    7. ASDA On The Move

      ASDA on the move offer a range of food-to-go products such as sandwiches, salads and wraps. They also offer collection and return services for George online purchases

    8. Audi Approved Dealers

      Audi Approved dealers are dealerships that have been approved to sell Audi models

    9. Land Rover Approved Dealers

      Land Rover Approved dealers are car dealerships that have been approved by Land Rover Jaguar to sell their Land Rover vehicles.

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