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  1. Barn Surgery

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    Dudley Taylor Pharmacies Ltd are a group of pharmacies throughout England and Wales offering services such as prescriptions, flu vaccines, contraception and blood pressure checks.

    Newbury, Gillingham, Dorset
  2. Cats Protection

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    Cats Protection sell a selection of books and clothes to raise money for cat charities.

    11 High Street, Gillingham, Dorset
  3. Motocorsa

    Wyke Road, Gillingham, Dorset
  4. Moto Guzzi Approved Dealer

    Moto Guzzi Approved Dealer

    These are dealerships that are licensed to sell Moto Guzzi mopeds and motorcycles.

    Wyke Road, Gillingham, Dorset
  5. Autonomy


    Autonomy sells a collection of formal and casual wear for women. A selection of accessories are also available.

    Station Road, Gillingham, Dorset
  6. Gillingham (Dorset) Station

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    South Western Railway, which acquired South West Trains in August 2017, manages over 80 train stations and offers services going from central London to Surrey, Hampshire, Dorset, Somerset, and others.

    Station Yard, Gillingham, Dorset
  7. We Do Vans

    We Do Vans
    Unit 13, Old Market Centre, Station Road, Gillingham, Dorset
  8. Gillingham Healing & Chiropody Centre

    Gillingham Healing & Chiropody Centre
    16 Broad Robin, Gillingham, Dorset
  9. AJS Computing

    AJS Computing
    18 Broad Robin, Gillingham, Dorset
  10. Utopia Hairdressing

    Utopia Hairdressing
    20 Broad Robin, Gillingham, Dorset