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    1. Brook Green

      Young’s Pubs offer a warm and friendly atmosphere across the UK. They serve a vast range of British seasonal food, craft beers and wines throughout the day and evening.

    2. Perfect Smile

      Perfect Smile offers both private and NHS dentistry. Their services include general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and specialist procedures such as implants and CT scans.

    3. Tesco Express

      Tesco Express offer a smaller, convenience store version of Tesco supermarkets, stocking fresh produce, groceries, baked bread and alcohol, as well as household products and toiletries.

    4. O2

      O2 sell a range of mobile phones and tariffs that are compatible with the O2 network, both for personal and business use. They also sell a range of associated accessories.

    5. Duke Of Hammersmith

      BrewDog is a chain of bars across the UK selling a wide range of beers as well as other alcoholic drinks. They also offer a selection of food.

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