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  1. Godiva Chocolatier

    Godiva Chocolatier sells chocolates, truffles and confectionery. A national and international delivery service is also available.

    42-52 King Street, Jersey
  2. Coffee Republic

    Coffee Republic are an international chain of coffee shops offering a wide selection of coffee, tea, cakes, snacks and other refreshments either as bars or as concessions.

    45 King Street, Jersey
  3. The Channel Islands Co-operative Food – En Route

    The Channel Islands Co-operative Food stores sell a selection of fresh and frozen food as well as dairy products, confectionery, tobacco, alcohol and groceries across Jersey and Guernsey.

    La Route De Beaumont, Jersey, Channel Islands JE3 7BQ
  4. Volvo Approved Dealers

    Volvo sells a wide range of cars and have a number of dealerships across the UK.

    La Rue Fondon, Jersey, Channel Islands JE3 7BF
  5. Kymco Approved Dealers

    Kymco manufactures scooters, motorcycles, and ATVs. Kymco approved dealers sell these used as well.

    9-11 Devonshire Place, Jersey, Channel Islands JE2 4RA
  6. Kawasaki Approved Dealers

    Kawasaki is a motorbike dealership that also sells clothing, gear, and accessories.

    Checkers Forecourt, Victoria Road, Jersey, Channel Islands JE2 7QG
  7. Bagot Road Garage

    Elizabeth Street, Jersey, Channel Islands JE2 7PG
  8. Kia Motors

    Kia Motors produces in excess of 2 million cars a year, with an ever-expanding range of models sold through a network of dealers in 172 countries.

    La Route De St Aubin, Jersey, Channel Islands JE3 1LP
  9. Renault Approved Dealers

    These are dealerships that have been approved to sell Renault models.

    Bagot Road, Jersey, Channel Islands JE2 7RG
  10. Nissan Approved Dealers

    These are car dealerships that are approved to sell Nissan cars.

    Longueville Road Garage, Longueville Road, Jersey, Channel Islands JE2 7SA