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    1. Lindsey Lodge Hospice Shop

      Lindsey Lodge Hospice provides care for adults with life limiting illnesses and aims to provide specialist palliative care for day and inpatients to the highest standard, consisting of symptom management, emotional support and end of life care.

    2. Heron Foods

      Heron Foods supply frozen, chilled and grocery products.

    3. COOK

      COOK make food using the same ingredients and techniques that you would use at home. They then freeze it (nature’s own preservative), and encourage you to buy it in one of their own shops. If you lack the time or inclination to cook, then try this nutritious food – made by hand using great quality natural ingredients.

    4. Fone Doctor

      Fone Doctor are mobile phone repair shops based primarily in Lincolnshire.

    5. Specsavers Hearcare

      Specsavers Hearcare is offering a complete range of the latest digital hearing aids. The service includes free hearing assessments (by registered hearing aid audiologists), fitting and aftercare.

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