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    1. Tesco Mobile

      The Tesco Phone Shop offer customers a wide variety of phones on the Tesco Mobile network, as well as advice for other networks.

    2. KFC

      KFC is a chain of fast food restaurants selling chicken pieces, burgers and chips to eat in or take away.

    3. SieMatic

      SieMatic are a kitchen design and installation service provider.

    4. Fujifilm Digital Imaging Service

      Fujifilm Digital Imaging Service offer film development and printing services, with an emphasis on printing from mobile phones using in-store kiosks.

    5. McDonald’s

      McDonald’s offers a range of fast food meals, desserts and soft drinks.

    6. Morrisons Daily

      Morrisons Daily are convenience stores part of the Morrisons brand. They stock general convenience store goods such as food, newspapers, magazines and cigarettes.

    7. British Garden Centres

      British Garden Centres are a group of garden centres located across the country.

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