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  1. DAS Cleaners

    DAS Cleaners
    9 Lyndale, Skelmersdale
  2. Domino’s Pizza

    Domino’s Pizza

    Domino’s Pizza is a large chain of fast food pizza outlets with branches all over the UK delivering freshly made pizzas.

    Concourse Shopping Centre, The Concourse, Skelmersdale
  3. Ashurst Fish & Chips

    Ashurst Fish & Chips
    19 Lyndale, Skelmersdale
  4. Tangles

    25 Lyndale, Skelmersdale
  5. Pizza Delight

    Pizza Delight
    5 Lyndale, Skelmersdale
  6. Ashurst Blinds

    Ashurst Blinds
    7 Lyndale, Skelmersdale
  7. Dees Deli

    Dees Deli
    23 Lyndale, Skelmersdale
  8. La Beautique

    La Beautique
    1-3 Lyndale, Skelmersdale
  9. McColl’s


    McColl’s is a newsagents selling National Lottery tickets, scratch cards, phone cards, magazines and newspapers. They also sell confectionery, soft drinks, sandwiches, coffee, convenience foods and tobacco.

    21 Lyndale, Skelmersdale
  10. 06 Skelmersdale Mitsubishi

    06 Skelmersdale Mitsubishi
    Inchfield, Skelmersdale