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  1. Sizzers Online

    Sizzers Online
    32 King Street, Wigton
  2. Nuthatch

    4 West Street, Fletchertown, Wigton
  3. Corner Barber

    Corner Barber
    8 Market Place, Wigton
  4. Scout Shop

    Scout Shop
    1 High Street, Wigton
  5. Wigton Library

    Wigton Library
    35 King Street, Wigton
  6. Scran

    1-2 Westmorlands Lane, Wigton
  7. Deli Station

    Deli Station
    Station Road, Wigton
  8. The Bank of Siloth Tapas Bar

    The Bank of Siloth Tapas Bar
    9 Eden Street, Wigton
  9. Silloth Motorcycle Museum

    Silloth Motorcycle Museum
    30 Esk Street, Wigton
  10. Cumbria Life Casting

    Cumbria Life Casting
    6 Eden Street, Wigton